Theodore Brun

Theo is a critically-acclaimed author of historical fiction.

He studied Dark Age archaeology at Cambridge and afterwards worked for several years in international arbitration law - first in London, then Moscow, Paris, and finally Hong Kong.

In 2010, fed up with the law but with the germ of an idea for a series of novels in his head, he quit his job in Hong Kong, jumped on a bicycle and pedalled 10,685 miles across Asia and Europe to his home in Norfolk. There, he sat down in a spider-infested cottage to write the first volume in his epic historical fiction series, The Wanderer Chronicles. Four years later, A Mighty Dawn was published by Corvus Atlantic. Its sequel, A Sacred Storm, was released in June 2018.​ The third book in the series, A Burning Sea, is out in September 2020.

Theo is a third generation Viking immigrant, his Danish grandfather having settled in England in 1932. You might say Viking stories are in his blood. Yet it was only through the unlikely portal of Wagner's Ring Cycle that he discovered the hoard of ancient Scandinavian and Germanic stories which underlie the works of authors like Tolkein, CS Lewis, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman, Giles Kristian and Bernard Cornwell to name a few. It was this material that provided the inspiration for TheWanderer Chronicles.

Theo is married to Natasha. They live in London together with Natasha's daughter, Ella, their little girls, Talitha & Colette, and an unruly dog named Wilmo. 


"Brun is the real deal. Evocative prose, poetry, the brutality of the Viking world, it’s all here, woven with a deft touch into a tremendous tale.

Brun is a brilliant new talent and A Mighty Dawn is a captivating debut."


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